0.5.4 (January 2024)#

  • Updated pytket version requirement to 1.24.

  • Python 3.12 support added, 3.9 dropped.

0.5.3 (January 2024)#

  • Updated pytket version requirement to 1.23.

0.5.2 (December 2023)#

  • MPS simulation with fixed truncation_fidelity now uses the corresponding truncation primitive from cuQuantum (v23.10).

  • Updated pytket version requirement to 1.22.

0.4.0 (October 2023)#

  • API Update. Configuration of MPS simulation parameters is now done via ConfigMPS.

  • Added a value_of_zero parameter to ConfigMPS for the user to indicate the threshold below which numbers are so small that can be interpreted as zero.

  • Added a logger to MPS methods. Use it by setting loglevel in ConfigMPS.

  • Improved performance of contraction across MPS methods by hardcoding the contraction paths.

  • Fixed a bug that caused more MPS canonicalisation than strictly required.

  • Fixed a bug where simulate would not apply the last batch of gates when using MPSxMPO.

0.3.0 (September 2023)#

  • Added MPS sampling feature.

  • Refactored MPS module for better maintainability and extendability.

  • Tensor class removed from the API since it is no longer necessary.

0.2.1 (August 2023)#

  • Improved backend gate set to allow for more gate types.

  • Fixed a bug in apply_gate of MPS algorithms that would cause internal dimensions to be tracked wrongly in certain edge cases, causing a crash.

0.2.0 (July 2023)#

  • Added post selection capability for expectation value tensor networks.

  • Added MPS simulation approaches, supporting two contraction algorithms (gate-by-gate and DMRG-like). Supports exact simulation, as well as approximate simulation with either fixed virtual bond dimension or target gate fidelity.

0.1.0 (June 2023)#

  • Initial implementation of the converter and backend modules for use on a single GPU.