Microsoft’s QDK is a language and associated toolkit for quantum programming.

pytket-qsharp is an extension to pytket that allows pytket circuits to be executed on simulators and resource estimators from the Microsoft QDK.

pytket-qsharp is available for Python 3.10, 3.11 and 3.12, on Linux, MacOS and Windows. To install, run:

pip install pytket-qsharp

In order to use pytket-qsharp you will first need to install the dotnet SDK (6.0) and the iqsharp tool. On some Linux systems it is also necessary to modify your PATH:

  1. See this page for instructions on installing the SDK on your operating system.

  2. On Linux, ensure that the dotnet tools directory is on your path. Typically this will be ~/.dotnet/tools.

  3. Run dotnet tool install -g Microsoft.Quantum.IQSharp.

  4. Run dotnet iqsharp install --user.