lambeq can be installed with the command:

pip install lambeq

The default installation of lambeq includes Bobcat parser, a state-of-the-art statistical parser fully integrated with the toolkit.

To install lambeq with optional dependencies for extra features, run:

pip install lambeq[extras]

DepCCG support


The DepCCG-related functionality is no longer actively supported in lambeq, and may not work as expected. We strongly recommend using the default Bobcat parser which comes as part of lambeq.

If you still want to use DepCCG, for example because you plan to apply lambeq on Japanese, you can install DepCCG separately following the instructions on the DepCCG homepage. After installing DepCCG, you can download its model by using the script provided in the contrib folder of the lambeq repository:

python contrib/